SUMMER SOLUTIONS® has been featured in newspapers and on television and radio around the country. Additionally, Nancy has spoken in front of live groups at industry events, organizations and schools. Here are some highlights:

Read the live interview with Nancy Soschin by the Washington Post on February 20th, 2001. The interview was part of a call-in show focusing on how parents should chose the right programs for their children. There’s some great info on choosing the right program contained in this piece.

Nancy Soschin featured in Time Magazine
Nancy Soschin featured in Time Magazine

Each year we help families in the USA and abroad find their children an experience of a lifetime. Here are what just a few of our clients have said about SUMMER SOLUTIONS®:

“Dear Nancy:
I wanted to tell you how happy my daughter is at Windsor Mountain International Summer Camp. We just returned from visiting the camp, and she was full of stories about her new friends, and all of the new activities and events that she has been a part of. She is so comfortable with the staff, the kids and the low key pace of the camp. On visiting day we took her from camp for a few hours. At 6PM she told us we had to hurry to get her back to camp so she didn’t miss the evening activity. Once back at camp she gave us big hugs and kisses, then with a smile quickly ran off to join her friends. I couldn’t ask for anymore than to see her big smile as she went to join the other campers. Thank you for helping me to find the right camp for my daughter to spend the summer. Enjoy the Summer, Judy D.” (Photo 1Photo 2)

“Hi Nancy… I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that my husband & I went to visit our child this weekend. The first session went so well that she ended up staying for the 2nd session. We can’t say enough great things about the camp & how impressed we were with them. They truly do what they say in terms of working with the kids’ individual needs. Our daughter is having an “awesome” summer as she says! So thank you for all your help in finding the right summer home for her.” L.S., Virginia

“We went to visit our son at camp on Sunday. I have never seem him happier or more self-assured. He has always had both of these qualities, but not to the extent we witnessed on Sunday. It was so rewarding! He asked us to sign him up for next summer, and we did so while we were there. We thought the kids and counselors were terrific, and-as we’ve known for a while-the owners and other senior administrators are phenomenal. Thank you for helping us find the right place!”
-R.R., Bethesda, MD

“Thank you for your thoughtful help in choosing a camp for our kids. They are really happy. The letters I’m getting are ‘this place rocks-it is paradise’.”
-L.K., Washington, DC

“Many thanks for your wonderful service. My conversations with you gave me the “courage” and peace of mind I needed to send my son away to camp for the first time… Your advice was critical to his experience.”
-D.M.D., Reston, VA

“When we picked up our daughter, Crystal, from camp, her first words were ‘I want to go back next year’. We could not have done it without you.”
-C.A., Bethesda, MD

“Thanks a million. The camp was perfect for David. He will go back as long as he can.”
-M.N., London, England

“We never knew there were so many options for teenagers. We could not do it without you.”
-Mother of Teenager, Silver Spring, MD

“Thank you so much for all the time you took with us through the years. When our youngest needed to find a camp, that would handle her allergies, you came through for us. Her experience was fabulous.”
-Parent, Oakton, VA

“Your experience helped me hone in on the needs of my daughter, and not just send her to her brother’s camp. THANK YOU!”
-D.F., Philadelphia, PA

“We would only trust SUMMER SOLUTIONS® as our source of programs in the States. We recommend you to all our friends. Thank you.”
-A.P., Milan, Italy

“This note is only a mere token of our appreciation for the “solution” to our summer for our son. The camp couldn’t have been a better fit for Jake as well as for us. Their staff was wonderful and we thank you for your help and expertise.”
-A.M., Chevy Chase, MD

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