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To get started, explore our site to learn more about what goes in to finding the pefect summer program for your child. You’ll see that finding the right program takes a personal touch, beyond just plain searches on the Internet. When you are ready, call or email us to take advantage of our COMPLETELY FREE service. You will not pay a penny to leverage our 30 years of expert industry knowledge.

We’ll help you answer questions such as:

  • How to find a summer program for your child
  • What should I know about summer programs?
  • What is the best summer program for my child?
  • What factors should I consider about overnight summer programs?
  • How should I compare summer camps?
  • How much do summer programs and teen travel programs cost?
  • What makes a good summer program?

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What Parents Are Saying:

“When we picked up our daughter from camp, her first words were ‘I want to go back next year’. We could not have done it without you.”

-C.A., Bethesda, MD

“Your experience helped me hone in on the needs of my daughter, and not just send her to her brother’s camp. THANK YOU!”
-D.F., Philadelphia, PA

“My daughter got back from camp a few days ago and I wanted to write to you ASAP rather than wait. I cannot RAVE enough about this camp. She was so happy when we came for the show the night before she was supposed to come home she actually sent us away for dinner to spend more time with her new friends!  This from this kid who could not get off my hip when she was younger!  She loved the camp and has still not stopped talking about the programs and the people. It also radiates from her every pore. She looks so great and she is just so confident—I wish middle school was like this! She has already asked to go back and is talking about four weeks (the day we were driving up to drop her she said two weeks seemed too long—guess not!) Her letters were so fun to get because she was having so much fun the letters were a riot. They not only talked about the great things, but she wrote things like “I have never felt more myself” and “the food is YUMMY!”  The food at camp yummy—NOT! But she admits she was having so much fun it didn’t even matter—it just seemed good because everything was good. Her grandmother took her to lunch this week and called me at work after to say she could not get over her grand daughter. She said register her tomorrow!  I am so grateful for the two weeks she had this summer. I am so thankful you recommended them.”

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